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Virtual Races with Racemap

If you are a event organizer you can add a virtual race option to your sport event. This allows event organizers to have a greater participation through virtual events. Athletes will have a lapse of 24 hours to complete the distance established at their own speed , pace, time and location. We make your sport event go virtual!


Step 1

Subscribe to any virtual event and click on Redeem Key. Type the Racemap code you receive by email.


Step 2

Type your name, under race number place anything you want like team name, nick name or emojis.


Step 3

You successfully signed up. Click back to event to get you to the main screen. 


Step 4

Click on START LIVE TRACKING. You are now Live. Be sure to Turn Off the Live Tracking when you finish.


Questions? A sales representative is waiting for you. Click on our live chat.

Virtual Races

  • Local or international athletes can join
  • Customer support provided
  • Athlete receive a virtual race code
  • Chat, Email support
  • Virtual Race
FAQ - I'm a event organizer how do I benefit?

On many ways! You get more athlete inscriptions, we will promote your event on our email marketing, athletes around the globe can join your event. Our customers could have 200 on site athletes during the event as well 300 online athletes running around the globe.

FAQ - I own my website could I display the virtual participants?
FAQ - We are a non-profit event will this work for us?
FAQ - How we pay to the organizer?
FAQ - I'm a athlete can I share my virtual race code?

Increase your sport event sales

By adding the virtual option for your on site event will increase your sales. Non profit events could increase their donations since many international athletes could join the cause. Private events could get more inscriptions.

Virtual Races

A Virtual Race can be done from any location, any time during the open event date. Simply run/walk/jog/bike or treadmill your 5K/10K at your pace. Lauch your racemap and activate the live tracking.

Racemap App

With Racemap you do easy and flexible live GPS-tracking for your sports event. Racemap streams your competition and location live on the Internet, on smartphones and Facebook.

Any Sport

Racemap has been used in a variety of sporting events such as marathons, mountain biking, paddle board and triathlon.

New Features

Our team are constantly changing and developing new features for a great user experience. Try it now.

Sports with GPS

SportswithGPS the most affordable Live GPS Tracking for any sport event. Complete pre-programmed GPS chips delivered direct to your office. Just assign a chip to the athlete, input the athlete's name on backend and start tracking.