Escape From Coffin Island 2019

About the event

A Stand Up Paddle Board Downwind Race that takes place in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Hosted by the Ponce Yacht & Fishing Club it's a race one of a kind.

To win this race you must paddle from Isla Caja de Muertos or better known by Coffin Island to Ponce. Coffin Island it's a nature reserve, with beautiful beaches, hiking trails, a light house and a cave. Located 8 miles off the coast, south of Ponce it is a small island, just about 1½ miles long and about ½ mile wide at its widest point.

This event took place on Ponce, Puerto Rico on Feb 23, 2019.

Follow the athletes live on the racemap below.

Follow the athletes live on the racemap below...

live tracking player map

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