Relay Iowa 2018

About the event

THE WORLD’S LONGEST RELAY RUN. 3 DAYS. 2 NIGHTS. 339 MILES. First of all, it is not a race, but a relay run. The final goal is not to win, not to come in first, but instead it is for your team to work together to make it across Iowa in sixty hours or less.

The ultimate adventure relay run! You and your team of up to twelve people will run for 3 days and 2 nights, covering 339 miles across some of the most beautiful and challenging landscape Iowa has to offer. The route takes you from Sioux City on Friday morning all the way to Dubuque by Sunday afternoon.

Be sure to check Relay Iowa website at and their facebook site at 

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This event took place on Iowa USA on June 8 - 10, 2018.

Follow the athletes live on the racemap below.

Follow the athletes live on the racemap below...

live tracking player map

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