Sport Track GPS and Racemap

Sport Track GPS and Racemap brings the action and emotion to all friends, family and spectators.

Our GPS chip tracker is a small device that attaches to the athlete participating and sends their location to Racemap. We differentiate from existing technologies used in similar events that only register the athlete’s start and finish of the race after they pass a sensor located at these points, with our devices you may monitor the event in its entirety. This device can be used in aquatic and land events such as SUP, Mountain and Road Bike, marathons and triathlons. Some events that have already used our services include: 50 de San Jorge, Los 100 de la Parguera, Rincon Beach Boy, Trialo de Ceiba, to name a few.

Sup Race Live Tracking

After utilizing our services we reached some event coordinators who commented on the added value of using our service in their event. They mentioned “higher promotion and event exposition” and “it allowed them to keep better control of an regular or extreme sport event..”

Sport Track GPS

Sport Track GPS Tracker

In case of an emergency, the device possesses an SOS button that will send a signal to Racemap backend alerting the medical staff, so attention can be provided efficiently. As you can also equip your security elements and support team, it provides a full overview of the event. This option was of great benefit for the event coordinators as they could offer the athletes quicker assistance and the situation was better handled. 

Racemap safety boat

The interactive Racemap allows spectators, family, and social media fans to follow the action live on their smartphones, tablet devices, or computers. This map has outlined the race course and each athlete can be singled out to provide some basic statistics, adding excitement for fans as well as the athletes. “Athletes showed great acceptance of the device and it was used by many of our spectators”, while others noted that “we could sense that the fanbase appreciated the opportunity to follow their athlete’s trajectory and not see them only at the start and finish points.”

Add Live GPS Tracking to your event.

You can rent a complete set of Sport Track GPS trackers as low $10 per chip.  Orders of 100 or more get free shipping. We will send you a rugged pelican with SporTrack GPS chips already programmed, charged and ready to use. You just need to turn them ON and assign a athlete name on the easy to use Racemap control panel.

Please contact us to confirm if your date is available for rental. 

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