Iron Kite The First Kiteboarding with Live GPS Tracking

The first kite surfing event with Live GPS Tracking technology powered by Deportes con GPS and Racemap

Iron Kite 2018 hosted by Wind Addiction School and Ponce Yacht & Fishing Club . Athletes and Spectators had a Blast! with this technology adding a interactive way to follow the action as well adding security layer for everyone. A total of 60 athletes registered for the Iron Kite 2nd edition that took place at the Ponce Yacht & Fishing Club  located at the south area of Puerto Rico it has the best facilities for this type of events. The Iron Kite an grueling 31 miles downwind event started at Pozuelo Beach located in Guayama with excellent winds conditions.


ironkite 3

Wind Conditions

iron kite ponce wind conditions june 16 2018

Stats taken from website

Kiteboarding meets SporTrack GPS  

All athletes were equipped with one SporTrack GPS tracker that send the location and progress every 10 seconds. With this technology the spectators, family members and social media fans were able to follow all the race directly from their smartphone app Racemap. To better understand the Racemap we identify safety boats in red, Iron Kite staff in blue and athletes on white. This provides a better logistics and understanding of everything. Event headquarters where constantly monitoring the map for the safety of everyone.

racemap iron kite progress  

Live Tracking Playback 

Click the player below to view the Iron Kite 2018 live GPS tracking recording directly on your device. No need to download the app. Just click Play!

Realtime stats during the event 

With our live tracking technology, you can easily get live stats for each athlete. Open the right top menu and select an athlete. At the bottom you will see a quick speed stats taken from the SporTrack GPS equipment. You can switch from KM to MPH by clicking on it. These stats are very useful for the sport commentators and analyst on site to provide live stats for spectators.


Realtime distance

If you will like to get more detailed stats from two or more athletes, you can select their names by clicking on their check marks. For this sample we will select the top 3 athletes to view stats like distance and speed. This information is provided during the live event as well on the recording.

athlete selection 

At the bottom of the Racemap you will have a quick real time information about the distance from this top 3 athletes. Godfrey Franco moving at speed of 19.6mph is ahead of Guillo Sierra around .14km and Guillo is ahead of Luijo around .56km . Keep in mind this information is provided to you near real time. 

athlete distance 

Export athletes progress to GPX 

As an additional value you can export each and every one of the athlete’s progress on a GPX file. This data provides valuable information for later viewing and event analyzing. To download a GPX file click the athletes name and click the download cloud button at the bottom. We recommend using this option on a computer for a better performance and data manipulation.

 GPX Download

Make it 3D

Yes! it's possible to get a 3D visualization for the Iron Kite 2018 by downloading every single one of the GPX files and using a 3D visualization engine like doarama. We highly recommend viewing this player on a computer or laptop since 3D rendering requires more CPU and Video processing resources. However the experience its outstanding! 

Add Live GPS Tracking to your event.

You can rent a complete set of Sport Track GPS trackers as low $10 per chip.  Orders of 100 or more get free shipping. We will send you a rugged pelican with SporTrack GPS chips already programmed, charged and ready to use. You just need to turn them ON and assign a athlete name on the easy to use Racemap control panel.

Please contact us to confirm if your date is available for rental. 

slide gps case

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