Escape from Coffin Island a SUP Downwind Race with live GPS tracking

A Stand Up Paddle Board Downwind Race that takes place in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Hosted by the Ponce Yacht & Fishing Club it's a race one of a kind.

To win this race you must paddle from Isla Caja de Muertos or better known by Coffin Island to Ponce. Coffin Island it's a nature reserve, with beautiful beaches, hiking trails, a light house and a cave. Located 8 miles off the coast, south of Ponce it is a small island, just about 1½ miles long and about ½ mile wide at its widest point.  

Getting to Coffin Island


Athletes are transported from the Ponce Yacht & Fishing Club to the island by a local ferry and volunteers boats. This local event grabs the attention of many locals as well SUP enthusiasts from around the globe. For this SUP downwind race, every athlete was equipped with one of our SporTrack GPS devices. This GPS device provide live tracking as well stats like speed, distance, location, ranking positions to the Racemap APP every 5 to 10 seconds. This hardware has become one of the standards for SUP events in the Caribbean.

Starting Point

athletes jump ferry

After jumping out from the ferry athletes line up and wait for the favorable wind conditions. During this time they could chill, and know each other or even try to explore Caja de Muertos.

coffin start

Live GPS Tracking Playback

Click the player below to view the Escape From Coffin Island 2018 live GPS tracking recording directly on your device. No need to download the app. Just click Play!
(Scroll below this article for the 3D Playback )

Safety has been always the first priority of the event organization committee. By adding Live GPS tracking they provide safety as well an interactive way to enjoy the action. If you are an SUP event organizer your HQ team can monitor everything that is happening during the race in real time. You can place the SporTrack GPS device on athletes, boats, jetsky and staff. Logistics became easier to manage and fans will love to track the action.

Live GPS Stats and Info

As soon the race start you will see the athlete’s names spreading out. As a event organizer you will be provided access to the Racemap control panel. This backend access will provide you the tools to modify the event for your needs. You can change the athlete names, boats, change colors and modify the race course. In this case women’s are in yellow men’s are in white.

escape coffin athletes first2miles

Speed and Distance

When you select and click an athlete's name you will be provided with real time information. Speed information can been found at the bottom of the Racemap player. By default its on KM but you can easily switch to MPH by clicking on the speed meter. 

escape coffin island athlete speed

Racemap it's a powerful tool that could provide distance information from the selected athletes. In this case the top 4 women’s have been selected. Racemap provides the distance as well the time it will take that athlete to reach the one ahead. (More details provided on our video tutorials)

escape coffin distance stats first 2 miles

Export athletes information to GPX 

As an additional value you can export each and every one of the athlete’s progress on a GPX file. This data provides valuable information for later viewing and event analyzing. To download a GPX file click the athletes name and click the download cloud button at the bottom. We recommend using this option on a computer for a better performance and data manipulation.

Download GPX Data

3D Playback - Click to Play

It's possible to get a 3D visualization for the Escape from Coffin Island 2018 by downloading every single one of the GPX files and using a 3D visualization engine like Doarama. We highly recommend viewing this player on a computer or laptop since 3D rendering requires more CPU and Video processing resources. However the experience its outstanding!

Add Live GPS Tracking to your event.

You can rent a complete set of Sport Track GPS trackers as low $10 per chip.  Orders of 100 or more get free shipping. We will send you a rugged pelican with SporTrack GPS chips already programmed, charged and ready to use. You just need to turn them ON and assign a athlete name on the easy to use Racemap control panel.

Please contact us to confirm if your date is available for rental. 

slide gps case

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